Trattoria Vezene is proud to be part of the Green initiative movement. We are not a Certified Green Restaurant but we are making every possible effort to slowly switch our entire operation towards that direction.  Please do keep in mind that Meganisi island is a small island full of logistic difficulties that make our goal a bit harder to attain.  Nevertheless every obstacle is challenge and we love challenges.

We have implemented the following environmentally sustainable practices:

Recycling & Composting
We do not use polystyrene foam (Styrofoam). Our full-scale recycling program includes the separation and processing of cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and full-scale composting of organic material!

We have installed Energy star equipment in order to reduce our energy consumption levels by 50%

Energy Efficient Lighting
We installed energy efficient lighting in our kitchen and office-replacing older bulbs with newer, state-of-the-art compact fluorescents, eventually saving a projected 29,673 kilowatt hours.

Water Conservation
We installed Water Efficient Faucet Aerators on all of our kitchen hand sinks. These aerators use only a half-gallon to one-and-a-half gallons of water per minute and they maintain a uniform water flow and spray pattern. This simple step will reduce the water consumption of our sinks by more than half.

Pizza Boxes
We go through a lot of pizza boxes, so we’ve switched to using ones that are made from 100% recycled cardboard! The use of post-consumer material in paper manufacturing conserves water and energy and greatly reduces the production of solid waste and the generation of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the absence of chlorine in the bleaching process greatly reduces the amount of harmful pollution generally associated with paper bleaching.

Sustainable Food Purchasing

Meat, Dairy and Eggs

We work exclusively with a organic farm in Spain that breed Non-Hormone Antibirotic Free Tajima breed Wagyu beef.  Our butter comes from the cream of organic parmigiano reggiano and our eggs our from a local free range farm in Lefkada.


We primarily use local seasonal organic grown produce.  We also have our own mini garden for all our herbs.


We select seafood that comes from eco-friendly fisheries thear Freedom Food Certified and safe for human consumption

Food Transport

We try to work with local producers on 80% of our products in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food transport.  Yet this is not 100% possible for us as there are many products that we love and savior that are created and other regions in Greece or even other countries.