Sashimi style branzino marinato with chilled prosecco for aperitivo, steamed razor clams in a chive-jalapeno brodetto for antipasti, fresh king scallop risotto with Alba white truffle oil in the middle and Ionian sea lobster liguine cooked in its broth paired with a glass chardonnay for main course. For dessert, gianduja mousse semifreddo and a glass of Moscato D’ Asti.

Our heritage:

Honoring our tradition as a fisherman’s island, we aim to showcase seafood. After all, how could we forget all those endless summers where we were ordered to skip our daily swim to help out our fathers and uncles’ fish out groupers, sardines and snappers?  That definitely sucked but it also paid off! Thank you Dad!

By seafood we mean hand-picked gems such as “Kolohtypa” lobster, sea urchin, razor clams and scallops to name a few.  Yet, not everything is available throughout our 6 month operation. For this reason our menu is printed daily and adjusted accordingly.

The Slow Food movement

Our philosophy around ingredients is by no means limited to local products.  Our network is surrounded by an array of small, artisan producers based throughout the rest of Greece and Europe.  These are most importantly people, people filled with pride and joy, people who love their profession and share great respect towards Mother Nature.  These are people who constantly try to create mouthwatering delicacies on various occasions strictly for personal consumption.

These are people we literally had to dig out and beg to sell us a small portion of their private stock.  This is why we are members and proudly support the Slow Food Movement.

Non discrimination:

The knowledge of tradition and heritage are fundamental requirements of a properly executed recipe! Many chefs attempt to re invent a dish without knowing its original format. Without ignoring the need for change, we feel that completely changing the style of an existing classic is a risk that very few chefs worldwide are entitled to take!

For this reason, we have chosen an alternate format of evolution and by that we mean simply experimenting with alternate ingredients to a classic recipe. Hence revisiting the “Umami effect” aka flavor coordination.

So, for example: we love Prosciutto di San Danielle more to Parma, Culatello di Zibello more to San Danielle and Jamon Iberico de Bellota more to Culatello di Zibello.  Hence we use Jamon over Prosciutto on our paper thin pizza.

In other words we reserve the right to play around with ingredients!