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Our menu is based on the traditional structure of Italian cuisine with main focus the explanation of the ingredients used.  We do not believe in elaborate descriptions or fancy culinary terms that mislead, underestimate or over exaggerate our dishes.  We think it is the customer who should judge and grade the dish.


Trattoria Vezene shares a specific vision on wine, and that’s to keep it short and simple.  We strive to accurately select the right blends and varietals, from both local and international regions, that will successfully complement our guests’ palette in accordance with our menu.  Nevertheless, we also try to avoid guest confusion and wine lists that resemble encyclopedias.

We constantly try to introduce small artisan winemakers that have kept their bottle production low thus maintaining high quality standards.  Our list is changed on a weekly basis and always introduces a new winery.  In addition, please note that for guests that desire a wine flight pairing, almost all of our labels are offered by the glass.

Made to measure:

For guests who require special attention and have specific needs in terms of a vineyard, label, year, or varietal that we do not stock, please note that we have the ability to special order within 24 to 48 hours.  For more hard to find labels we may require up to one week in advance.

Guests who travel with their own private cellar and wish to BYOB are more than welcome / corkage fee applied


As Italian tradition calls for late afternoon drinking, also known as «Aperitivo», we absolutely love Bellini’s, Mimosas and other Prosecco based cocktails with the combination of fresh fruit purées.  The intriguing mix of fruit and bubbly celebrates the perfect start for a long lasting night of entertainment.  To host such festivity we offer the lounge which is located adjacent to our dining section.  The lounge is designed with a colorful laid back attitude engaging people into resting on couches and oversized pillows while enjoying the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Pink Martini and Thievery Corporation.  Please note that we prepare our cocktails and mixed drinks with the finest premium alcohol brands such as Hendricks Gin, Appleton Rum, Balvenie single malt whiskey, and Ciroc Vodka.


Besides our love for hard to find ingredients we also offer a small yet sophisticated water list.  If needed, we are able to offer these options for on board purchases.

Our options:

  • Aqua Panna
  • San Pellegrino
  • Fiji